Computer Studies Paper 3, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 3

Prepare and present a 5 minute-PowerPoint presentation on “MY FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL”, using the guidelines below.
SLIDE 1: Type the topic for presentation in bold and upper case.

SLIDE 2: (a) Type the subtitle: “Presentation Outline”,
                 (b) Type the presentation outline item as follows:
                                   (i)   Name of school;
                                   (ii)  My first day in school;
                                  (iii)  The first place I visited in school;
                                  (iv)   An unforgettable experience on my first day in school.

            SLIDE 3: Describe each item on slide 2 above using a short sentence.
            SLIDE 4: (a) Type out the compliment for your audience.
                             (b) Insert a Clip Art object below your compliment.

            Save your work in a suitable storage device.
            Print all the slides on a page and submit.







The candidates were expected to show their presentation skills by preparing and presenting a 5 minute-PowerPoint presentation on “MY FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL”, save their work and print all the slides on a page.
The expected answers were:

                    As reported, the candidates that attempted this question performed fairly well except for those who do not have good knowledge of PowerPoint package.





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