Cosmestology Paper 3, May/June 2015

Question 1 / Observation

         QUESTION 1
This question (a)(i) required candidates to identify the items labelled I to X in the diagram and

(a)(ii) to state ways of caring for the items labelled IV in the diagram while the

(b) part of the question was on uses of each of the items labelled.

The (c) part was on the ways of protecting a client from contracting infections from the use of labelled items in the diagram,

part (d) of the question was to differentiate between the items labeled V and VIII and also the (e) and (f) parts of the question were on item that should be disposed of use in the diagram, implements used by a manicurist not illustrated in the diagram above. Majority of the candidates attempted and performed well in the questions, their answers were straight to the points.