Cosmestology Paper 3, May/June 2015

Question 2 / Observation

      QUESTION 2
Question (2a) requested the candidates, to (i) identify the illustration labeled I to VI in the diagrams A and B, (ii) state the function of each illustration labelled IV and V, (iii) what hair condition is being treated as illustrated in diagram A, (iv) what is the time duration a client should stay under III and

(b) part was on difference between the action illustrated in diagrams A and B. The candidates performance was poor.

The question  on (c)(i) was to identify the types of hair pieces illustrated in diagrams A, B, C and D,

(ii)  was to state the use of E to all hair pieces,

(iii)  asked that from the diagram above, the type of hair piece that cover the entire head area of a client is.

The (d) part of the question was on ways of caring for the hair piece illustrated as D, also (e) part was on the tools illustrated in diagram E is suitable for long and short hair, (f) part of the question asked to name the aid used to hold/secure the tools illustrated in diagram E in place.

Questions (g) and (h) requested the candidates to suggest reasons why the tools illustrated in diagram E are usually made of plastic and  state the way the tools illustrated in diagram E can be cared for. Candidates performance was average as they were able to answer the question with some degree of accuracy.