Electronics Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 6
  1. State the function of the following in a TV receiver:

      (i)         luminance amplifier;
      (ii)        syn. separator;
      (iii)       field time base oscillator.

  1.  State four blocks in a superhet. receiver that are common to radio and TV receivers.

 The expected answers were:

  1.         (i)       A stage in which the video or black and white

                  signal is amplified.
 (ii)       A stage in which the sync pulses is separated from the video signal.
(iii)      A stage in which the vertical frequency is produced
           or generated.
(i)         Automatic Control
(ii)        Local oscillator
(iii)       IF amplifier block
(iv)       Mixer block
(v)        RF amplifier block
(vi)       Sound amplifier block
(vii)      Demodulator block

The question was on Communication Systems. The question was popular with the candidates. The performance was fairly good.

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