Electronics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

Question 5
  • Draw and label the circuit symbol of the following devices:

(i)  field effect transistor;
(ii) triac.

  • State two applications each of the devices in (5)(a).

                   The expected answers were:

                   (a)        (i) Symbol of FET



                                    (ii) Symbol of Triac




(b)        Application of FET

            (i)         Amplifiers
            (ii)        Logic circuits
            (iii)       Voltage variable resistors
            (iv)       Computer memories

            Application of TRIAC

            (i)         Power control
            (ii)        High power lamp switch
            (iii)       Electronic change-over of transformer taps
            (iv)       Lamp dimmer
            (v)        Motor speed control



The question was on Semiconductors. The question was unpopular with the candidates. The performance was below average.

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