Furniture Making 3, May/June 2015


(1)        Construct the book shelf shown on page 3, using the timber which has been prepared to the following finished sizes (All dimensions are in millimeters):

S/N            QUANTITY           DESCRIPTION             SIZE

  1.                       2                               Timber                          600 x 300 x 25;
  2.                       2                               Timber                          450 x 300 x 25;
  3.                       1                               Plywood                        600 x 450 x 6;
  4.                        8                              Screws                         12mm countersunk.

(2)        You may use any of the ordinary hand tools but the use of glue, glass-paper, files, rasps and scrapers is not allowed.     

(3)        Dimensions which are omitted from the drawing are left to your own discretion.     

(4)        If you make any mistake, work as near to the drawing as possible.  Additional materials will not be supplied.

(5)        Print your name and index number clearly on each piece of wood and assemble your work before handing it over to the supervisor.


This was the only question, candidates were required to produce the given component carrying out the following steps:

(1) cut timber to given size – this was correctly done by most of the candidates;

(2) plane the pieces to the required thickness: this was fairly done by most of the candidates;

(3) mark out position of joint on each of the pieces: most of the candidates did this correctly;

(4) cut mortise and fix pin joints: many of the candidates attempted this;

(5) cut "V" shapes as stands for the bookshelf: most of the candidates did this neatly and correctly;

(6) cut rebates on the ends of the book shelf: candidates did this correctly;

(7) fix plywood back and screw: many of the candidates did not fix with screw.