Further Mathematics Paper 2, May/June. 2010  
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General Comments

Question 10

(a) Copy and complete the table for the relation y = 2 cos x + 3 sin x for 0° :5 x :5 360°.
(b) Using a scale of2 em to 30° on the x-axis and 2 em to one unit on the y-axis, draw the graph ofy = 2 cos x + 3 sin x for 0 ~ x .:s..360°
(c) From your graph, find the
(i) maximum value of y, correct to two decimal places;
(ii) solution of the equation ~ cos x + sin x = ~
                                            3                   6


The chief examiner reported that very few candidates attempted this question on trigonometric graph and they performed well in it. According to the report, those who attempted it were able to complete the table of values and plotted the points correctly.

The report also stated that the little difficulty which they may have had would have been from the graph sheet where each 2cm square was ruled with lOx 9 line instead of lOx 10 lines as was expected. However, this was taken care of as the marking scheme was flexible enough to accommodate all the responses that would have resulted from this.

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