Further Mathematics Paper 2, May/June. 2010  
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General Comments


It was reported that candidates' responses suggested that majority of the candidates did not prepare adequately for the examination. Some topics were not attempted by majority of the candidates while in some others; their responses were poor indicating poor coverage of the syllabus. It was also noted that many candidates did not adhere to given instructions especially when plotting graphs.
Candidates' weaknesses were also reportedly noticed in areas such as

Vectors and

Suggested Remedies

The following suggestions were proffered by the Chief Examiner.
(1) Candidates should be encouraged to adhere strictly to given instructions and demands on each question
(2) Teachers and candidates should endeavour to cover the syllabus while preparing for the examination.
(3) Teachers are encouraged to emphasize these weak areas during instruction and should not relent in giving out assignment and exercise to the candidates.
(4) Candidates should be exposed to past W ASSCE questions.

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