Geography Paper 1 , Nov/Dec 2010  
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Question 7

(a)What is vegetation?
(b)Compare the main characteristics of the Tropical Rainforest and the Mediterranean Vegetation.
(c)State any three main uses of vegetation resources to man.


Few candidates attempted this question and performed well in parts (a) and (c) but did poorly in part (b). The expected comparison of the main characteristics of the Tropical Rainforest vegetation with the Mediterranean vegetation included:
The Tropical Rainforest is composed of trees with different layers of canopies, while the Mediterranean vegetation is not in layers of canopies.
Both Tropical Rainforest and Mediterranean vegetation have evergreen trees.
The Tropical Rainforest has little undergrowth, while the Mediterranean Vegetation has grasses and scrubs.
There are multiple species of plants in the Tropical Rainforest whereas there are very few species in the Mediterranean Vegetation.
Trees in the Tropical Rainforest have broad leaves while those of the Mediterranean Vegetation have tiny leaves.
The plant species in the Tropical Rainforest include iroko, mahogany, sapele and obeche wood while those of the Mediterranean vegetation include cork, oak and cedar.


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