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Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 1

(a) Name any four areas of high population density in the world.
(b) Explain any four factors that may be responsible for high population density in the world
(c) Describe any four problems associated with areas of high population density

This was a popular question among the candidates.  Many of those who answered it did not know the correct answer for (a) as they were not specific on micro regions.  The expected answers on areas of high population density included:

- South East Asia around China, India, Java, Japan, etc
- South East Europe around Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, etc
- North West Europe around Great Britain, France, Germany, etc
- North Eastern U.S.A. around Vermont, New York, Illinois, Chicago.
- The Nile Valley around Egypt, Sudan and Part of Uganda
- Coastal areas of Latin America around Central Mexico and Brazil
- Coastal areas of West Africa particularly South Western Nigeria and Southern Ghana.

The factors that may be responsible for high population density are:
- presence of fertile alluvial soils for agriculture e.g. Eastern and Southern Asia and the Nile Valley
- warm climate and abundant rainfall for agriculture e.g. South East Asia
- presence of mineral deposits encouraging mining e.g. North West Europe, North Eastern U.S.A.       
- Industrial Development e.g. North Eastern U.S.A.
- Commercial activities e.g. Coast of West Africa
- Transport Development – rail, road, water, etc, e.g. North Eastern U.S.A.

The (c) aspect of the question was well answered by the candidates.






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