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Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2008  
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Question 4

(a) Draw a sketch map of Nigeria
On the map, locate and name:

(i) two dual carriage/expressways and their termini;
(ii)        one seaport;
(iii)       the Federal Capital Territory

(b) In what three ways are seaports beneficial to Nigeria’s   economy?




The economics benefit of seaports to Nigeria are listed thus:
- provide the major gateway to Nigeria;
- handle exports and imports of the country;
- earn foreign exchange;
- revenue earnings from duties;
- generate employment;
- income for workers;
- development of infrastructure etc.

Highlight any three problems that hinder the use of seaports.The problems that hinder the use of seaports in Nigeria are:

- inadequate transport link with the hinterland;
- inadequate capital for port development;
- port congestion;
- poor management/maintenance;
- frequent thefts at ports;
- silting at entrance of ports e.g. sand bars and spits;
- few natural habours;
- problem of water weeds/water hyacinths.

This question was quite popular among the candidates but their performance was poor because of poor map drawing and insertion of the required features.  Candidates should practice the drawing of maps more frequently.






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