Government 2, May/June 2015

Question 7

(a)   State any three newspapers founded by nationalists in Nigeria         after the Second World War.

(b)   Highlight any four roles played by Local Newspapers in the struggle against colonial rule.


This question was popular among the candidates. The candidates that attempted it performed fairly above average. They failed to develop their points in the (b) part and scored low marks. Nevertheless, the candidates were expected to explain the following points in order to earn good marks:
(a)        (i)   Nigerian Tribune
          (ii)  Eastern Guardian
          (iii)  Northern Advocate
          (iv)  Morning Post
           (v)   New Africa    

(b)   Roles played by local newspapers.

(i)  Mouthpiece of the nationalists.
(ii)  Exposing the ills of colonialism.
(iii)  Expressing the grievances of the people.
(iv) Giving political and civic education.
(v)  Mobilizing the people against colonial rule.
(vi) Pressing for political, social and economic reforms.
(vii) Popularizing political ideology and manifestoes of political parties
(viii) Promotion of African Cultural Values.
(ix) Providing information on the developments in the colonies