Government 2, May/June 2015

Question 9

(a)  (i) Explain the term military.
   (ii) What is a military coup d’état?

   (b) Outline three basic features of military rule.


This was a popular question. The performance of the candidates who answered it was good as they understood its demands. However, some candidates did not score good marks in part (b) because of skimpy answers. The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:

(a)        (i)         It is referred to as the armed forces comprising the Army (Land)    
The Navy (sea troops) and the Air force (air troops).
(ii)        Forceful over throw of a constituted government by the armed forces.

(b)        (i)  Military is characterized with control and use of means of violence.
(ii)        Suspension of the constitution when they seize power.
(iii)       Banning political parties.
(iv)       Abuse of Fundamental Human Rights.  There is restriction on the movement of people and freedom of expression.
(v)        Perpetuates itself in office:  The military stay in power and sometimes transform into a civilian government.
(vi)       A highly centralized system of government.
(vii)      Rule by decrees.
(viii)     Usually make use of civilians in their administration.

  1. Established military tribunals.
  2. Indiscriminate arrest and detention of members of the previous government.
  3. Fusion of both legislative and executive functions.
  4. Characterized by instability, e.g. coups and counter coups.
  5. The regime is characterized by dictatorship.