Hausa Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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Section B
Question 9

 (a) Me ya sa Telu Fariya shawarci abokinsa da ya kashe jakunansa a Labarin Rama Cute ga
(b) Nawa Telu Fari ya sayar de dankonsa
(cd Nawa Sarkin Fawa ya fanshi kansa
(d) Jakuna nawa Telu Fariya saya de kudin da ya samu?


The question was framed from the book Magana Jeri Ce 3 and the candidates were required to explain why Telu Fari was advised to kill his donkeys, how much he sold his catapult, how much the king bailed himself and how many donkeys did Telu Fari buy with the money he got? The question was not popular among the candidates and those that attempted it performed poorly.

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