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Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments
Question 1

  1.    Identify the part of the human skeleton illustrated above             ( 1 mark)
  2.    Name the parts labelled I  to VI                                                           (3 marks)
  3.    Count and state the number of bones found in each of the parts labelled I,II and III.  (3 marks)

   State three functions of the part of human skeleton illustrated above.   ( 3 marks)



This question was attempted by many candidates and candidates performed fairly well.  In part (a) candidates could not identify the part of the human skeleton, they could also not write correct spellings.

       In  part (b) candidates could not name the labelled part.
       In part (c) candidates could not count correctly and state the number of bones found in the parts labelled. 
       In part (d) candidate state the functions of the part of human skeleton correctly.

      The expected answers were as follows:

  1.     Identification of the  bone

Vertebral column/backbone

(b)    Naming the labelled parts

               i            -   cervical vertebrae
                ii            -    thoracic vertebrae
               iii            -    lumbar vertebrae
               iv            -    sacral vertebrae/sacrum
                v            -    Intervertebral disc/disc of cartilage.

Number of Bones found in each labeled part

                 I   -   7 bones               -   1 mark
                II   -   12 bones             -   1 mark
               III   -   5 bones               -    1 mark

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