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Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments
Question 4

  • (a)    Name the parts labelled I to X.    (5 marks)

    (b)     Name the joints between   (i)    II and III
             (ii)   III and VIII.       ( 2 marks)
    (c)     List three injuries that could occur in the parts illustrated  by the above diagram     ( 3 marks)

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    This question was attempted by many candidates and candidates performed poorly.  In part (a) candidates could not identify the diagram as lower limb the candidates were confused the lower limb with upper limb candidates named the labelled part III as humerus instead of femur.  While some named radius, biceps, triceps instead of tibia, quadriceps and gastronemius.  In part (b) candidates mentioned joint between II and III as shoulder joint instead of ball & socket/hip joint while III and VIII as elbow joint instead of hinge joint knee joint:  In part (c) candidates successful list injuries that could occur in the parts of the lower limb.

    The expected answers were as follows:

    4   (a)    Naming the parts labelled

                  I        -    vertebral column/lumbar vertebra
                 II        -    pelvic bone/girdle/pelvis
                III        -    Femur
                IV       -     Rectus femoris/quadriceps
                V        -     Tibialis/Tibia muscles
                VI      -      Tarsal bones
                VII     -      soleus gastrocnemius/soleus
                VIII    -      Tibia
                IX      -       Biceps femoris/hamstrings
                X       -       Gluteus maximus.

      (b)     Joints at the lower limb

    (i)Naming the joint between II and III

    •    Ball and socket/hip joint.

    (ii) Naming the Joint between III and VIII

    • Hinge Joint/Knee joint.
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