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Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments
Question 2

  • 1.(a)     Name the parts labelled I to VI.               ( 3 marks)
    (b)     State two functions each of the parts labelled I and II        (4 marks)
    (c)     Identify two structures in the diagram which give protection to IV    ( 2 marks)

    (d)     Name one observable feature of the part labelled IV.          ( 1 mark)

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    This question was popular among candidates, many candidates attempted the question and candidates performed averagely.  In part (a) candidates were able to name  the parts labelled.  In part (b) candidates state functions of the parts labelled I and II correctly.  In part (c) candidates could not identify structure in the diagram which give protection to the developing foetus.  In part (d) candidates could not name observable features of the developing foetus in the uterus.

    The expected answers were as follows:

    (b)   Functions of the parts labelled I and II

            Functions I

    •    Carries food and oxygen to the foetus
    •    It transports wastes/urea from the foetus to the mother
    •    Secretes hormone.
    •   Carries oxygen to the foetus
    •   Connects umbilical cord to embryo.

          Functions II

    •   Connects the embryo to the mother through the placenta
    •   Serves as passage for materials/from mother to foetus and vice-versa/exchange of nutrients/gases/other substances.

    (c)   Structures for protection

    •  III/amniotic fluid
    • V/amniotic membrane/amnion
    • VI/uterus/uterine wall

    (d)    Observable features in the part labelled

    • Limbs/legs/hands
    • Eye
    • Ear
    • Head
    • Stomach
    • Umbilical cord
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