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Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates Weakness

The candidates’ weaknesses include their inability to:

  •  arrange their answers in sequential order;
  • number the questions answered correctly;
  • cover the syllabus;
  • write correct spellings;
  • point out quality and depth of answers;
  • identify the part of the human skeleton;
  • name the parts labelled;
  • identify structures in the diagrams;
  • state functions of the parts labelled;
  • name the joints between bones;
  • state the observable features of the developing foetus;
  • define alcoholism;
  • list types of alcoholic beverages;
  • state negative effects of alcohol on the human body;
  • define tissue in humans;
  • give examples of tissue in humans;
  • state function of tissue in humans;
  • suggest ways by which malnutrition could be minimized.

The following remedies were suggested to overcome the weaknesses:

  • candidates should learn how to answer questions on fresh page and in sequential manner
  • candidates should cover every aspect of the syllabus and read widely for the examination
  • candidates should study the questions and understand the demands before answering them.
  • Candidates should endeavour to get recent textbook on health science to enable them get factual facts.

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