Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 1

Study the diagram below and use it to answer questions
I(a) to I(d).  






(a) (i) What does the diagram above represent? [ 1 mark]
(ii) Name the parts labelled I to VIII [ 4 marks]
(iii) State one function each of the parts Labelled II, III, V and VII [ 4 marks]
(b) State the importance of the part labelled IV to human life [2 marks]
(c) Outline five human practices which are dangerous to the part labelled IV [5 marks]
(d) State four diseases associated with the part labelled IV [ 4 marks]




This question was attempted by many candidates and candidates performed fairly well. In part (a)(i) candidates identified the diagram as respiratory system correctly, while some were not able to identify the diagram. In a)(ii) candidates named the parts labelled correctly while some candidates named the parts lablled with wrong pellings, in (a)(iii) candidates could not state one function of the parts labelled II,III, V and VII correctly. In part (c) candidates outlined human practices which are dangerous to the lung however, few candidates wrongly
mentioned prostitution as practice dangerous to the lung. In part (d) candidates stated diseases associated with the lung.
The expected answers were as follows:
(a) (i) Representation of the diagram
Respiratory system.
(ii) Naming the parts labelled
I - larynx/voice box
II - trachea/wind pipe
III - rib
IV - lung
V - bronchus
VI - space for the heart/space
VII - diaphragm
(iii) Functions of II,III, V and VII
 II trachea/wind pipe for passage of air into the lungs/traps air impurities
III rib - protects lungs/involved in mechanism of inspiration and
V bronchus - passage of air into and out of the lungs/traps impurities
VII - diaphragm - Regulates/increases/decreases volume of thoracic
cavity/assist in breathing
(b) Importance ofIV(Lungs)
- site of gaseous exchange
- breathing helps excretes carbon dioxide and water vapour.
(c)Dangerous Practices
Inadequate exercise
bad posture/named
breathing through the mouth
smoking of cigarettes
failure to open windows for ventilation
sniffing of drugs and hard substances
exposure to air pollutants/polluting the air/named.
(d) Diseases associated with part labelled IV (Lungs)
Whooping cough

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