Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2010  
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Question 5

(a) List two natural sources of water [2 marks]
(b) State three general uses of water by humans [ 3 marks]
(c)Name the international health agencies/organizations associated with the following functions:
(i)standardization of drugs for international use;
(ii)performing first aid activities and training personnel in first aid;
(iii)provision of recreational facilities and equipment for school children;
(ivproviding information on outbreak of epidemics;
(v)rehabilitation of victims of wars, floods or drought.[ 5 marks]




This question was attempted by many candidates and candidates performance was very good. In part (a) candidates listed natural sources of water correctly. In part (b) candidates stated uses of water by humans. In part (c) candidates named the international health agencies/organizations associated with their functions however, some candidates lost mark because they interchange their function for one another.
The expected answers were as follows:
(a) Natural Sources of Water
rain water
spring water
well water/borehole/underground water
river water
stream! seal ocean/pond.
(b) General uses of water to humans
for drinking
for domestic use/washing/bathing/cooking
for irrigation/agriculture
used in industry/power generation
for fire fighting
(cInternational agencies
(i) WHO
(ii) Rea Cross
(iii) UNICEF
(iv) WHO
(v) Red Cross/Vv'HO/UNICEF

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