Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2010  
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Question 4

(a) (i) What is posture? [2 marks]
(ii) State three causes of postural defects [3 marks]
(b) List three defects of the foot [ 3 marks]
(c) State two corrective measures for postural defects [2 marks]




This question was attempted by many candidates and candidates performed poorly. In part (a)(i) candidates could not give definition of posture, in (a) (ii) candidates stated causes of postural defects. In part (b) candidates could not list defects of the foot. In part (c) candidates took taking drug as corrective measure for postural defect instead of rehabilitation and regular exercise.
The expected answers were as follows:
(a) (i) Posture
- posture is the alignment of the body
- it is the way the body is held while standing/sitting and walking.
(ii) Causes of Postural defects
congenital problem
imitation/peer influence/named
types of occupation
walking too early before normal age
unsuitable wears (clothes and shoes)/high heel shoes
carrying of heavy objects
poor postural habits/explained
(b)Defects of the foot
flat foot
high foot arch
club foot
everted foot/inverted foot.
(c)Corrective Measures for postural defects
good nutrition/eating balanced diet
physical exercise/recreation
medical rehabilitation/named

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