Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

  1. Mention three voluntary health agencies                                        [ 3 marks ]
  2.   State three roles of the Food and Agricultural organization            [ 3 marks ]
  3.   State four roles of the ministry of health in hospital management  [ 4 marks ]







This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was poor.  In part (a) candidates could not correctly mention voluntary health agencies, candidates wrote WHO, UNO, UNICEF, UNESCO,ILO, NAFDAC and FAO  instead of Red Cross, Girls Guide, Boy’s Guide, Sheriff Guards, Blue Crescent Society and St John’s Ambulance.  In part (b) many candidates could not correctly state the roles of food and Agricultural organization.    In part (c)  candidates correctly stated the roles of the Ministry  Health in hospital management.


However, the expected answers are as follows.

5(a)   Voluntary health agencies

          -    Red Cross
          -    Girl’s Guide
          -    Boy’s Guide
          -    Sheriff Guards
          -    Blue Crescent  Society
          -    St John’s Ambulance

(b)   Roles of Food and Agricultural Organisation

  • provides technical aid for food production
  • provides on branches of agriculture
  • gives out free samples of plants species/seeds
  • free circulation of publications to member countries for food production.


(c)    Roles of the Ministry of Health in hospital management

  • Making policies/rules and regulations on health
  • Provision of funds/capital
  • Provision of health facilities
  • Employment of health workers/personnel
  • Setting standards for the community and state hospital
  • Vaccination immunization
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