Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2013  
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General Comments


The candidates weaknesses include their inability to: - express their points in simple English Language

- prepare adequately for the examinations period

- cover the syllabus before the onset of the examinations

- relate Health Science to daily health practices

- number the questions answered correctly

- write legibly

- write correct spellings of technical terms

- write sentences correctly on their own but copied their colleagues during

- state functions of the part labelled III in an illustration of a human habitat

- state factors to be considered in sitting the structure illustrated in human habitat

- state pre-cautions to be taken while fixing the device illustrated Z

- state characteristics of the structures illustrated in the diagrams I,II,III and IV

- state the labelled structures associated with grinding and piercing

- state the joint formed between II and IV . mention possible movements between II and IV of the shoulder joint.

 - state functions of the parts illustrated in the diagram

- correctly name voluntary health agencies - state roles of the food and Agricultural organization

- state negative emotional feelings exhibited by a child.

- Understand the demands of the questions - state deficiencies of vitamin B

- state functions of vitamin B

- state symptoms of marasmus

- mention food substances that could be used to correct goitre

- state functions of the following : fluorine, iodine and sodium in the human body The following remedies were

suggested to overcome the observed weaknesses:
- students should prepare well before the examinations and cover the syllabus;
- students should form the habit of writing simple sentences in correct English ;
- teachers /Students should relate Health Science as a subject to daily activities in their environment especially during teaching and learning;
- handwriting should be taught in schools - students should read questions very well and understand the demand of the questions before answering them.
- students should answer each question on a fresh page with number of the question written boldly on the booklets.

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