Health Science Paper 1, May/June 2013  
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Question 8
  1.   List two main food sources of roughage                                             [ 2 marks ]
  2.    Mention two food substances that could be used to correct goitre    [ 2 marks ]
  3.   State one function each of the following minerals:
  4.  Fluorine;
  5.  Iodine;
  6. Sodium                                                                                      [ 3 marks ]
  7.   State three ways of preventing cholera                                              [ 3 marks ]







  This question was attempted by many candidates   and their performance was fair.  In part (a) many candidates could correctly listed the main food sources of roughage.  In part (b) many candidates could not mention food substances that could be used to correct goitre.  In part (c) many candidates could not state functions of the following minerals; fluorine, iodine and sodium.  In part (d) many candidates  correctly stated ways of preventing cholera.



The expected answers were as follows:

8(a)   Main sources of roughage

  •   Vegetables
  •   Fruits
  •   cereals


  (b)    Food substances that could be used to correct goitre

  •   Sea food
  •   Green vegetables
  •   Iodised salt
  •   Fresh fish/dried fish


(c)    Functions of minerals

  •   Functions of  Fluorine


  -    for healthy teeth/prevention of cavity formation
  -    prevention of teeth decay

  •   Functions of Iodine


  -   Production of thyroxin
  -   proper function of thyroid gland


  •    Functions of  sodium


                       -    regulates fluid/blood in the body
                       -    essential in tissue/muscle development
                       -    transmission of nerve impulses

(d)    Prevention of Cholera

  •   drinking filtered and treated water
  •   immunization  against cholera
  •   controlling of housefly
  •   proper disposal of contaminated materials/refuse
  •   maintaining food hygiene.
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