Health Science Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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Question 3

(i) Differentiate between a quack and quackery in health [ 4 marks ]

(ii) Highlight five guidelines for the purchase of consumer health Products [ 5 marks ]

(b) State four duties of the mother in a family setting [ 4 marks ]

(c) (i) Mention three causes of single parenthood [ 3 marks ]

(ii) State four effects of promiscuity. [ 4 marks ]



This question was attempted by many candidates and their performance was good. In part (a) (i) many candidates could not correctly differentiate between a quack and quackery in health and in (a)(ii) few candidates correctly highlighted guidelines for the purchase of consumer health products. In (b) many candidates correctly stated the duties of the mother in a family setting. In part (c) (i) many candidates also correctly mentioned causes of single parenthood but in (c)(ii) candidates could not correctly state effects of promiscuity.

However, the expected answers are as follows:

3 (a) (i) Difference between a quack and quackery A Quack is a person who claims to be expert in a field/profession in which he or she is not qualified. A pretender to a profession. quackery is the act of practising or rendering services in a field/profession not properly trained for/qualified for

(ii) Guidelines for the purchase of consumer health products
- patronise recognised and reputable sellers to ensure that you buy original products
- be sure you know the usual label/original label, colour, form or ingredients of the products you want to buy
- make sure the products are well packaged
- avoid products that thrive well on too much advertising in the market
- avoid products that have answers to all health problems
- purchase products from sellers with address and name of manufacturer on the products
- buy products with manufacturing and expiring dates
- avoid buying products from road side sellers/hawkers in the streets.
- buy products registered by National Food and Drug Control Agency
- buy products with popular trademark
- ensure cost is reasonable.

(b) Duties of the Mother in a family setting
- assigning domestic duties to children
- monitoring of duties assigned/supervision of duties
- participation/representing families in social gatherings
- food preparation/preparation of balanced diet for the home
- participation in domestic work
- produces/bears children
- mother should be a role model/teach good manners, etc.
- submissive/respect to the husband
- enforce discipline among children/develop good personality in children
- care for the children and family
- ensure/enforce good health practices.

(c)(i) Causes of single parenthood
- death of partner
- poverty/unemployment
- conflict within a family
- divorce/broken home
- arrogance/pride
- disease/ill-health
- unplanned/teenage pregnancy
- partner absent due to occupation.

(ii) Effects of promiscuity
- leads to divorce/sterility
- damage to vital reproductive organ/part
- Prone/vulnerable to veneral diseases
- Loss of dignity/reputation
- untimely death/abortion/miscarriage
- stigmatization

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