Igbo Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 4

(a)  Deputa oru ato 'na' na - aru n 'asusu Igbo.
(b)  Were omumaatu kwado nkowa gj.


Candidates were required to state three uses of 'Na' in the Igbo Language. In the (b) part, they were to state examples of each.
The expected points:
a  (i)      'Na' na - aru oru dika njiko
(ii) 'Na' na - aru oru dika mbuuzo
 (iii) 'Na' na - aru oru dika isingwaa.
b(i)      Ji na ede bu ihe oriri.
 (iii) Ha na-aga ahia.
Candidates who understood the question did well while those who knew the (a) part and could not give the examples as required in (b) performed poorly.

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