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question 3

Question  3

  1. (i)         Explain ECOWAS Brown Card.

(ii)         Statetwoconditions under which ECOWAS Brown Card is issued

2. List and explain three types of policies available under motor insurance.



The candidates did not perform well in this question. The expected answers were as follows:


3.(a) (i) ECOWAS Brown Card - This is a scheme that guarantees any road accident
victim, fair and prompt compensation for death, injuries and damage caused by visiting non-
resident motorists from other ECOW AS member countries.
The card is normally used within
West African Countries that are member of Economic Community of West African States.

            (ii)        The two condition under which ECOW AS Brown Card is issued

            (a)        The vehicle for which it is requested is insured by the same insurer; at least, against
third party motor insurance risk.
            (b)        That the original third party cover remains in force during the validity period of the
             (b)       Types of policies available in motor insurance
                        (i)         Private motor policy;
                        (ii)        Commercial vehicle insurance
                        (iii)       Motorcycle insurance.


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