Insurance Paper 1, May/June 2014  
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question 4

Question  4

  1. Outline three properties covered in fire insurance.
  2. Enumerate six special perils covered in fire insurance.
  3. Explain three covers provided under standard fire policy.


The Candidates were unable to identify individual properties that can be covered under fire insurance policy and also special perils in fire insurance.  The required responses were as follows:


            4(a)      The properties covered in fire insurance
(i)         Building
(ii)        Plant and  Machinery
(iii)       Merchandise
(iv)       Officefurniture and fittings
(v)        Household goods and personal effects (such as clothing, wrist watches, handbags. etc
(vi)       Furnitureand utensils


(b)        Special Perils in fire Insurance
             (i)        Storm
(ii)       Flood
(iii)      Burst pipe and overflowing of water tanks
                          (iv)Impact by vehicle  etc.


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