Insurance May/June 2015

Question 3

  • Explain the following terms as used in insurance.

    (a)       re-insurance;
    (b)      Loss adjusters;
    (c)      underwriters;
    (d)      brokers;
    (e)      assessor.


Majority of the candidates could not explain the terms hence the performed poorly in this question.
         Explanation of Terms use in Insurance

(a)        Re-insurance:  It is a means of seeking insurance coverage by insurers for risks already
insured by them.  It helps in the spreading of risks within the insurance industry.

(b)        Loss adjuster:  These are claims specialists who usually take instructions from insurance companies to investigate the case of loss and to establish whether the insurer is liable or not.  They also determine the amount of the claim payable to the insured.

(c)        Underwriters:  Underwriters are individuals or entities that assess a risk proposed for
insurance with a view to determining whether to accept the risk or not and if to accept at what rate, terms and conditions.