Insurance May/June 2015

Candidates' Weaknesses

-           The candidates could not apply their knowledge of the principles of insurance to solve practical question hence, they performed poorly in the case study which was in question 1.
-           Insufficient knowledge of the subject matter:
            Most candidates exhibited poor understanding of the subject as a result they could not satisfactorily attempt questions on terminologies used in insurance, employers liability insurance, marine insurance terminologies and endowment which were in questions 3, 4, 5, and 6 respectively.
-           Poor usage of English language
Most of the candidates could not explain their points in simple and correct English Grammar, thus they lost valuable marks.


-           The candidates should be encouraged to study standard and comprehensive text book in their preparation for the examination rather than relying on ‘key-points’.

-           the teachers should endeavour to cover the examination syllabus and emphasize all parts of the syllabus especially, the calculation parts which will enable the candidates tackle the questions and calculations very well during the examination.
-           The candidates should endeavour to learn the rules of English Grammar so as to enable them express their points clearly. 
-           The teachers should endeavour to teach their students the technique of answering questions on case study as this would enhance the performance of the candidates on case study questions.

-           Colleges of Educations and universities should introduce Education/Insurance so as to train enough teachers in this field which will enable school to employ qualified teacher in this subject.