Leather Goods Manufacturing & Repairs 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 2

Highlight sequentially, the stages involved in the production of a pair of sandals.

This question was popular with the candidates. The question required candidates to explain the stages involved in the production of a pair of sandals. Most candidates were able to explain just two to three stages without going all the way. This made them to score average marks.

The candidates were expected to provide the following answers to obtain the maximum marks.

-           Design the sandal on paper.
-           cover the last with masking tape.
-           transfer the design on the taped sandal last.
-           cut out the design to make a pattern.
-           transfer the pattern to make a standard form on cardboard paper.
-           mark the patterns and cut them from the cardboard as net pattern.
-           using the net pattern, cut out the components of the design from leather leaving                             lasting and stitching allowance.
-           prepare the upper for stitching/closing.
-           attach sole unto the upper.
-           finishing operations.
-           prepare the upper for stitching/closing, by making stitch holes.
-           remove the upper from the last and attach the fittings and findings.
-           apply glue or adhesive to the upper.
-           sew the upper to the sole.
-           remove excess adhesive.
-           polish the article.



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