Leather Goods Manufacturing & Repairs 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 4


  1.       Identify the parts labelled in the diagram below:

  1. P;
  2. Q;
  3. R;
  4. S;
  5. T.

            (b)        State one function of each of the labeled parts.

                        This question was very popular among candidates most of whom scored average                            marks. Some candidates were able to identify the parts in (a)(i) – (v) but most                                could not state their functions. Candidates were expected to answer thus:

      (a)        (i)         P – Pressure regulator.
            (ii)        Q – Spool pins.
            (iii)       R – Hand wheel.
            (iv)       S – Stitch selector.
            (v)        T – Presser foot.

                (b)          (i)            Pressure regulator – It adjusts the amount of pressure that the presser foot                                      uses to hold the leather down during stitching.
                        (ii)        Spool pins – It is the part that holds the spool thread on the machine.
                        (iii)       Hand wheel – It is the part of the machine that is responsible for the                                               manual movement of the needle. It is also used to wind the thread round                                        the bobbin.
                        iv)        Stitch selector – It controls the length of stitch
                        (v)        Presser foot – It helps to keep the fabric flat.
                        (vi)       It also helps to keep the leather firm when sewing.




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