Leather Goods Manufacturing And Repairs Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2019

(a)        List three types of sewing machines used in leathercraft.
(b)        State one function of any six of the following sewing machine parts:
            (i)         spool pin;
            (ii)        thread guide;
            (iii)       presser foot;
            (iv)       stitch regulator;
            (v)        flywheel;
            (vi)       feed dog;
            (vii)      take-up lever;
            (viii)     tension regulator;
            (ix)       needle plate.



This question was attempted my majority of the candidates. Candidates were required to list three types of sewing machines and to state one function each of some sewing machine parts. Overall performance in this question was fairly good. Candidates’ were unable to list the types of sewing machine as most of them were list other machines used in leathercraft but most of them could state the functions of the sewing machine parts. Candidates were expected to provide the following to score maximum marks in this question.

(a)      (i)         Flatbed sewing machine.
          (ii)         Post bed sewing machine.
          (iii)        Cylinder arm sewing machine.
          (iv)        Shoe patcher
          (v)         Long arm walking foot sewing machine
          (vi)        Fed of the arm machine
          (vii)       Blind stitch sewing machine
          (viii)      Raised bed sewing machine

(b)      (i)          Spool pin : this holds the reel of the thread.

          (ii)         Thread guide: this holds the thread in position from the spool to the needle.

          (iii)        Presser foot: this holds the materials firmly in position during sewing.

          (iv)        Stitch regulator: controls the length of the stitch during sewing.

          (v)         Fly Wheel/Hand wheel: this determines the mechanism of the motion of the machine when revolved.

          (vi)        Feed dog: this helps to move the material forward during sewing.

          (vii)       Take-up lever: this is a device that moves the thread from the spool, feeding it through the machine.

          (viii)      Tension regulator: this controls the tightness and looseness of the thread during sewing.

          (ix)        Needle plate this is a semi-circular disc that allows the needle to pass through it.