Literature-In-English Paper 2, May/June 2012  
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General Comments
Question 11

Comment on the imagery in the Sunne Rising.


Candidates were required to comment on the various images used in the poem.

These images include the sun itself which is used as an image of intrusion, “Through windows and through curtains call on us”.  The image of exposure, the sun exposes people and their deeds. The image of the sun’s powerful beam and the poet’s wink which he says can eclipse the sun. The image of the sun’s age, the sun should be resting due to its age, but it is always busy despite its age “thine age asks ease”. .  Reference can also be made to the image of the poet and his mistress as embodying the riches of the world “she’s all states, and all princes/ nothing else is”… etc.

The question was poorly attempted by the candidates.

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