Literature-In-English Paper 3, May/June 2012  
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General Comments

Question 7

Examine the use of flashback and monologue in the novel.


The required answer should include the following points:

  • Through the use of flashback, Santiago’s past family life is exemplified.


  • Through it, we know that Santiago teaches Manolin to fish and that they have gone on fishing expeditions together before.
  • Through flashback, it is discovered that the old man, Santiago El Campeon is once a bundle of energy that defeats the great Negro of Cienfuegos in a nerve-racking hand game.


  • Through flashback, we learn of Santiago’s love for base ball, and his love for beer and coffee.


  • Through Monologue Santiago, talks to himself on several occasions.
  • He addresses the aquatics and aerial creatures including the great fishes and Sharks as though they can hear him and respond.


  • The use of monologue enables us to have an insight into the old man’s subconscious and inner self.

             Candidates’ performance was poor.                                                                                                 

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