Literature-In-English Paper 3, May/June 2012  
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General Comments

Question 3

Compare Aunty Ifeoma and her brother’s relationship with their children.


Candidates were expected to discuss the following points.

  • Both Eugene and Ifeoma love their children dearly.
  • Aunty Ifeoma does not punish her children much but when she does, she explains the reasons for the punishment.


  • Eugene goes to the extreme and does not weigh his punishment with the gravity of the offence the children commit.
  • Aunty Ifeoma’s home is warm and accommodating.


  • Aunty Ifeoma’s children enjoy ordinary lives with the little available comfort, while Eugene’s children live in luxury and harshness.
  • Eugene’s children have a strict schedule at home.


           Candidates’ performance was good.


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