Machine WoodWorking2, May/June 2015

Question 3

(3)        (a)        Sketch each of the following shapes:
                                    (i)         rebate;
                                    (ii)         groove.

            (b)        Name two suitable machines for producing each of the shapes in 3(a).

            (c)        List four parts each of the following machines:
(i)         band saw;
(ii)         jointer.


Majority of the candidates were unable to name the suitable machines for producing rebate and groove.

            The expected response is given below:


(b)        Machines for cutting rebates

-           Spindle moulder
-           jointer/surfacer
-           circular saw

Machines for cutting grooves

-           Spindle Moulder
-           Surfacer/ Jointer
-           Router
-           Circular Saw
-           Dimension Saw Bench