General Mathematics Paper 2,Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments
Question 2

(a) (i) Solve the inequality: 1/2x - 5/6( ex + 2) ≤ 1 + x.
(ii) Illustrate the solution on a number line.
(b) When the price of an apple increased by N 5.00f18 apples cost N 60.00 more than 20 apples cost before the increase. Find the new price of an apple.


Some candidates could not clear the fractions correctly while others changed the sign of inequality to equality. It was also reported that many candidates did not recall that the sign of the inequality has to change when multiplying or dividing with a negative number.
However. Majority of the candidates reportedly performed well in this question. They were able to clear the fractions by multiplying the inequality by the LCM which was 6 and after bringing like terms together and slrnplifylnq, obtained x ≥ -2. They were also able to represent this solution on the number line.

In part (b), majority of the candidates were reported to have performed poorly in this question. The report stated that majority of the candidates were not able to translate the given word problem into equations. Hence they could not solve them correctly. Candidates were expected to show that if the price of the apple before the increase was ₦ x, then the price after the increase became ₦ (x + 5). Therefore, 18(x + 5) - 20x = ₦ 60.00. Solving this equation gave the value of N x as ₦ 15.00. The new price = ₦ (15 + 5) = N 20.00.

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