General Mathematics Paper 2,Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

Question 3




In the diagram, PQ and QR are straight lines, |PS| = 6cm, |QS| = 4 cm,
|QT| = 5 cm and ∠QTS = ∠RPQ. Calculate |TR|.

  • If sin x = , 0o ≤x ≤ 90o, evaluate, without tables or calculator,
  • .



    This was another question which was reported to be very popular among the candidates. According to the report, while majority of the candidates performed well in part (b), their performance in part (a) was poor, indicating a poor knowledge of geometry.
    In part (a), Majority of the candidates were reported not to apply the concept of similar triangles correctly. From the diagram, candidates were expected to recognize that triangle QTS was similar to triangle QPR. Hence, = . Solving this equation gave |TR| = 3 cm.
    In part (b), majority of the candidates were reported to have applied the concept of right-angled triangles to obtain the ratio of cos x and tan x as  and  respectively. They were also reported to have substituted these ratios into the given fraction to obtain  =  = = .

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