General Mathematics Paper 2,Nov/Dec. 2014  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness/remedies

The Chief Examiner observed that some candidates did not enclose elements of sets with curly brackets. Other areas where candidates’ weaknesses were observed included:

  1. Premature approximation and omission of essential details
  2. Writing answers to the required degree of accuracy
  3. Inability to apply mathematical principles correctly
  4. Circle Geometry and its applications
  5. Geometrical construction
  6. Change of subject of formula
  7. Mensuration
  8. Interpretation/solution to  word problems
  9. Factorization
  10. Similar triangles
  11. Commercial Arithmetic
  12. Functions

The following remedies were suggested by the Chief Examiner:

  1. Candidates were encouraged to cover all the topics in the syllabus while preparing for the examination
  2. Teachers as well as candidates were encouraged to put in more effort in studying geometry.
  3. Teachers were encouraged to use instructional materials during lesson so as to re-enforce the learning of mathematical concepts
  4. Candidates were encouraged to adhere to the rubrics of the question especially with regards to the use of calculators and degree of accuracy
  5. Candidates were encouraged to avail themselves of past WASSCE General Mathematics questions.

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