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Physics Paper 2, May/June2009  
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General Comments

candidates weakness/remedies

The inadequacies in the performance of candidates were attributed to the following weaknesses:

  1. poor expression;inability to interpret correctly the demands of test items framed with some key words such as: explain; define; describe;
  2. inability to differentiate between  diffusion and osmosis;
  3. lack of the skill to represent information graphically and interpret graphs;
  4. lack of competence to describe experimental procedure satisfactorily;
  5. inability to state precautions taken to ensure accuracy in the experiment;
  6. failure to use appropriate concepts of physics to explain observations in everyday life;
  7. poor handling of arithmetical calculations.

The suggested remedies were as following:

  • Re-training of teachers should be organized by State Ministries of Education in collaboration with WAEC;
  • Efforts should be made by teachers to emphasize understanding of basic principles and their applications;
  • Schools should put in more effort into the teaching of mathematics so as to improve the students’ computational skill;
  • Teachers should make greater effort to ensure adequate coverage of the syllabus;
  • School principals should monitor coverage of the syllabus by handling the “weekly diary” more purposefully;
  • Class room instructions should be related to the students’ environment.
  • The teaching of Physics should be practical-based.
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