Physics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 10

 Question 10

  1.   State Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
  2.   State one phenomenon that can only be explained in terms of the wave nature of  



 Most candidates were able to state the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle though some left out the key word “simultaneously” in their statement.  Majority were also able to state the phenomenon that illustrate wave nature of light.  Generally the question was well attempted.

The expected answers are:

a)         It is impossible to determine with accuracy both the position and momentum of a particle simultaneously                                                                                            
                        p x  ≥ h/2π
                        Where all symbols are correctly specified i.e
            h = plank’s constant ; p =  uncertainty / error in momentum, x =  uncertainty / error in position.
             NOTE:   Accept h, h or h in place of  h
                                                   4                 2      
(b)       One phenomenon correctly mentioned
            -           diffraction
            -           interference

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