Physics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 3

            Question 3

    •   Differentiate between plane polarization and interference as applied to waves
    •   List two uses of polaroids.

 This was a popular question. Candidates were able to us the definitions of the two concepts to distinguish between them.  They were also able to state correctly two uses of polaroids.  Performance was commendable.
The expected answers are:
                          Plane polarization                                                      Interference    
is the confinement of vibration           is the effect produced when two waves
(of waves) to one plane                       of the same frequency / wave length and
amplitude travelling in the same direction in a medium are super imposed
is an attribute of transverse                 is an attribute of both transverse and
waves only                                          longitudinal waves.



             (b)       Two uses of Polaroid’s
            Production/determination of
            -          3-dimensional films
            -           concentration of sugar solution/saccherometry
            -           polaroid cameras
            -           sun glasses

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