Physics (Essay) Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2017

General Comments



The standard of the paper was comparable to previous years in terms of the demands of the questions, the level of thinking and the concepts tested. The paper tested candidates understanding of basic physics principles, laws and theories. It also tested candidates’ ability to handle simple numerical problems.

The questions were straight to the point and required short answers as to show thorough understanding of the subject matter. The paper despite the limited questions required, spread across the syllabus with respect to recall of concepts, comprehension and the application of such concepts in solving numerical problems. The marking scheme was comprehensive, specific and less ambiguous. Candidates’ performance was lower as compared to previous years.

The time allotted for the paper was adequate. The performance of the candidates was lower than WASSCE for School Candidates 2016. This year paper recorded candidature of 704504 with raw mean score of 15 out of 60 and standard deviation of 08.43 as compared to WASSCE for School Candidates 2016 with a raw mean score of 19 out of 60 and standard deviation of 08.83 with candidature of 666992.