Physics (Essay) Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2017

Weakness and Remedies




  • Inability to recall and apply correct formula to solve problems. For example, distinguishing between the general equation of uniformly accelerated linear motion
  • This lead to loss of cheap credit by many candidates.
  • Poorly informed about radioactivity.
  • Inability to provide correct definitions and explanations of terms such as “Stable equilibrium, wave front, nuclear fission, etc.”

Based on the observed weaknesses, the Chief Examiners recommended as follows:

  • Provision of instructional materials such as Physics apparatus, projector and access to internet that will enhance effective learning and better performance for both teachers and students;
  • Teachers should expose candidates to solving of numerical questions and the fundamentals of Physics.
  • Teachers should be encouraged to update their knowledge by attending workshops as well as WASSCE coordination and marking exercise
  • Relevant agencies should supervise and inspect schools regularly to ensure maintenance of sound academic standard
Students should be more dedicated to their studies.