Physics Paper 3 WASSCE (PC 2ND), 2019

Weakness & Remedies

The following were observed as candidates’ weaknesses:

- inability to read measurement from scales;

- inconsistency in decimal places;

- poor determination of slopes;

- inability to state correct precautions;

- poorly attempted short structured questions;

- over approximation of evaluated values;

- wrong choice of reasonable scales;

- inability to state correct unit

Based on the observed weaknesses, the Chief Examiners recommended as follows:

- Teachers should be motivated to put extra effort in practical work;

- Candidates should be taught on how to answer examination questions;

- Qualified and dedicated Physics teachers should be employed;

- Schools should purchase Chief Examiners Reports and make available for use by teachers;

- Parents should provide an enabling environment to candidates for improve performance;

- Teachers should be sponsored to attend coordination meetings to learn the rudiments for attempting practical questions.