Physics Paper 3A May/June 2015

General Comments

The standard of the two papers (Alternatives A and B) compared favourably with those of the previous years in terms of the demands of the syllabus and coverage.

The demands of the questions were well framed and within the experience of the candidates.  The language used were simple and comprehensive.  The paper tested candidates ability to:

  • set-up simple experiment
  • carry out the experiments
  • collect and analyse data
  • plot graphs
  • make deductions from the  data plotted
  • show understanding of the theories behind the experiments.

    The rubrics were clear and unambiguous.  The marking schemes were comprehensive and adequate.  The performance of the candidates was at par with that of the same examination in 2014.  The candidates recorded a raw mean score of 24 out of 50 marks and a standard deviation of 09.59 with a candidature of 658393 as against a raw mean score of 24 and a standard deviation of 10.00 in 2014 with a candidature of 665669.