Physics Paper 3A May/June 2015


Candidates manifested weaknesses as follows:

  • many candidates could not measure and record quantities from metre rule,
       stop watch and protractor to the required accuracies.
  • many candidates failed to express their evaluations from tables such as reciprocals
       of quantities to the required number of significance (sf) and decimal places (d.p)
  • inability to plot graph to the required accuracy.
  • inability to make deductions from the graph.
  • poor language expression
  • poor computational skills.
  • obtain correct and neat traces.
  • over approximation of data for easy plotting
  • candidates disregarded the instruction to start graph from the origin (0,0)
  • unable to define centripetal force and explain how galvanometer may be adapted to read as an ammeter.

    It was suggested that to remedy these weaknesses:

  • Teachers should expose candidates to practical activities early enough.
  • Qualified and well remunerated physics teachers should be engaged.
  • Enough periods should be allotted to physics on schools time table.
  • Schools to provide enough and functional apparatus in their laboratory.
  • Schools principals should rekindle the reading culture among candidates by creating an enabling environment.
  • Previous Chief Examiners Report should be made available to teachers for use rather than keeping the report in their office.
  • Schools should sponsors teachers to attend coordination which will help teachers to teach appropriately.