Radio, TV & Electr. Work Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 1

Question 1
(a)        four sources of hazard in a Radio, Television and Electronic Works workshop;
(b)        one way of preventing each of the hazards mentioned in 1(a);
(c)        two safety checks in tool handling during the servicing of a radio receiver.
The expected answers were:
              1. (a)  Any four sources of hazard in Radio, Television and Electronic Works Workshop

  • Electric shock
  • Wet floor
  • Wrong handling of tools
  • Improper workshop dressing
  • Horse play in the workshop

                  (b)  Ways of preventing the above-mentioned hazards
            -           Tape all bare wires
            -           Power lines must be switched off before work could be carried out
            -           The live line should not be switched on except when testing is carried out
            -           Avoid water spillage on the workshop floor
            -           Use the right tool for the right job
            -           Wear overalls/proper workshop outfit
                   (c) Two safety checks in tool handling
            Use tools with insulated handle
            Use correct tool for correct job
            Avoid overcrowding the workshop table with tools
            Return all tools to the tool box after use
The question was on Workshop Safety Rules and Regulations. A few of the candidates that attempted this question showed lack of comprehension attributed to poor workshop practice infrastructures. The candidates’ performance was reported good.





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