Radio, TV & Electr. Work Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 3

Question 3
(a)        State three differences between analogue and digital multimeters
(b)        List four electronic hand tools used in the Radio, Television and Electronic Works workshop.
                        (c)        State:
                                    (i)         two applications of an ohmmeter;
                                    (ii)        three applications of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.


The expected answers were:

Analogue multimeter

Digital multimeter

It is rugged

It is fragile

It is less accurate

It is accurate

It has pointer on a scale

It has screen to display

It is cheap

It is costly

It is affected by magnetic field

It is not affected by magnetic field

It may need battery

It needs battery always

It applies mechanical moving parts

It uses only electronic components and devices


                 (b)    Any four electronic hand tools
             -   Screw driver
             -   Soldering gun
             -   Pocket knife
             -   Stripper
             -   Solder sucker
             -   Pliers
             -   Cutters
             -   Hammers

                  (c)(i)     Two applications of an ohmmeter
                   It is used for testing semiconductor
                   It is used for measuring resistance
                   It is used for checking continuity

                     (ii)  Three applications of a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
                Current measurement
                Voltage measurement
                Frequency/Time measurement
                Waveform display
                Phase difference measurement

            The question was on Electronics tools and Instruments. It was unpopular with the candidates. The candidates’ performance was reported to be average



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